I love about me pages. They offer a delicious insight into the person behind the writing. Hopefully this will not disappoint…


Hi! I am FitActiveMom, an active…. fit…. mom. Wa-waaaaaah! Let’s try that again….


I live in London with the handsome, wonderful love of my life and intensely private husband we’ll call Baby Daddy, or BD for short, and that magical pixie daughter of mine who was born in January we’ll call Pixie. I work in finance and love exercise, even when I hate it.


I was born and primarily grew up in California, spent time also in Israel and moved there when I was 22, and have lived in the UK since 2010. I was a creative, artistic child who decided to become an athlete when I was about 11. After many failed attempts (basketball, volleyball, cross country, shotput and discus) I found lacrosse, and played through high school and university. And I have been active pretty much ever since. When I met my now-husband, he introduced me to the world of the Outdoors: trekking, camping, climbing etc. Through multiple countries, single-hood, couple-dom, pregnancy and now with a baby, in times when I had time and money for gyms and classes and times when I did not, I have found ways to remain active. I love doing it, reading about it, writing about it, and whatever other iteration of experiencing exercise and activity I may not have thought of. I hope to share my experiences and thoughts and and aspirations and opinions here.


Welcome to my corner of the interwebs, I hope you enjoy!


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