What to give a FitActiveMom for her birthday

I had my birthday a few weeks ago, my first as a mother. Leading up to the day, my husband asked me what I wanted. Two things emerged, and I think they will apply to many new moms:

1. Time together as a family. For us, it was a day next to the sea (my special request), walking the white cliffs of Dover. With the ocean, my husband and my precious baby, I truly felt that I had something (many things!) to celebrate. The fact that it was something active was even better, since we all feel better when we are able to get a bit of a sweat going! It was a wonderful way to spend time together in a special way.

Of course, after so much time together, the next day (my actual birthday), I got another present:

2. Time alone. I went to a 60 min spin class, leaving Pixie with BD. It. was. glorious. To be able to take the time by myself, to exercise in a way that I love and can’t do often now that I have a little one, was truly a fantastic birthday present!

So there it is. Both were wonderful, and both had me feeling loved and grateful and even still active! Hooray for birthdays!


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