A sick FitActiveMom

I haven’t posted, not just because I am new to this blogging thing, but also because I have been sick. And a sick FitActiveMom is not very active and doesn’t feel very fit!

Last week was quite miserable, and on Tuesday I went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics (safe for breastfeeding). So I thought I should probably not run home, and I took the bus.

Huge. Mistake. It took forever, I was stressed about timing, and it was just bad for my blood pressure and cuddle time with my baby!

So for the rest of the week, I still took it slow, but I got home on foot. Even when sick, being active helped me feel better, and was the fastest and most satisfying way to get to my sweet Pixie! I’m feeling better, so hopefully will be able to get back into the groove quickly and easily!


What to give a FitActiveMom for her birthday

I had my birthday a few weeks ago, my first as a mother. Leading up to the day, my husband asked me what I wanted. Two things emerged, and I think they will apply to many new moms:

1. Time together as a family. For us, it was a day next to the sea (my special request), walking the white cliffs of Dover. With the ocean, my husband and my precious baby, I truly felt that I had something (many things!) to celebrate. The fact that it was something active was even better, since we all feel better when we are able to get a bit of a sweat going! It was a wonderful way to spend time together in a special way.

Of course, after so much time together, the next day (my actual birthday), I got another present:

2. Time alone. I went to a 60 min spin class, leaving Pixie with BD. It. was. glorious. To be able to take the time by myself, to exercise in a way that I love and can’t do often now that I have a little one, was truly a fantastic birthday present!

So there it is. Both were wonderful, and both had me feeling loved and grateful and even still active! Hooray for birthdays!