Back to work and a new workout regimen

My maternity leave ended and I returned to work last week. It has been lots of things – sad to leave my baby, strange to be without her all day, nice to be around adults and have adult conversations, relief that I don’t have to fight with her about meals and naptimes (she is generally too busy to bother herself with those activities and resents any insistence to the contrary), and I miss my little constant companion of the last 6.5 months. And the list goes on. But all in all it seems to be positive, with Pixie appearing to be adjusting to nursery quite well which is really what makes me feel better about everything.

With this new schedule, there is no more time for the leisured morning workouts I enjoyed while on maternity leave. So how am I going to fit exercise into my newly-busy schedule?

Answer: run home from work. I live about 3.5km from my office, and it takes about 20 min to run home. For contrast, it takes 30-40 min to take the bus. So actually, it is the fastest way back. Also, Pixie waiting for me at nursery is a powerful motivation to pick up the speed on the run!

Granted, this isn’t a full body workout solution, so I’m still working on ideas to incorporate some strength work into the mix. But given that I haven’t run on a regular basis for over a year (and haven’t run on a daily basis for much longer than that), I’m first letting my body get used to the new commuting method and will then look at adding exercise as appropriate (meaning if I can handle it!).

Yes, I do arrive at nursery dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. Yes, the carers look at me like I am nuts (so does my daughter) and I literally soak Pixie with perspiration. But actually, I have fit in my workout and shortened my commute time in one move, so I think I can count it a win.


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