Starting day care

My baby has started day care. Cue the tears! I am a faucet these days.

I am going back to work on Monday, so we have been introducing Pixie to her day care. Last week she went for one hour every day, just to get to know the carers and the place. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be enough, so I added another week (this week) of settling in, during which she has gone three times, for most of the day.

The thing is, she seems to be doing pretty well with it. I mean, she screams when the other kids come near her, and she is insisting that someone hold her at all times, and she doesn’t want to sleep, but she seems happy enough when I pick her up, and so far her behavior at home has, if anything, actually improved. As in, the nights after nursery, she has slept better than on nights when she is with me all day. On the other hand, she has been increasingly clingy, and last night she woke up crying several times and just seemed to need a hand on her back to reassure her that we were there. So who knows, I guess we will be in a period of adjustment for a while now.

And me? I am an emotional mess, haha. I am so glad that she is doing all right, and in actual fact she and I both need this for both practical (I am going back to work, after all) and other (kid needs to learn how to socialize) reasons. But it is the end of a very special time in our lives, and I am sad about that.

So I have been running and shopping and getting my hair cut and will be going to a spin class today – basically all of the things I haven’t done during the last six months. Doing exercise that I can’t do with a little one at home has been so much fun, and takes my mind off of things for a little while. Being active is absolutely what has saved me on these days when Pixie is at nursery and I am not yet at work. Plus I’m hoping to reach a peak level of fitness now, so that I can just be in maintenance mode when I am back at work.

And so this maternity leave experience draws to a close, and a new era is set to begin!


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