First KIT day: how it went

As mentioned in my previous post, I went into the office for the first time this week. It was an interesting insight into how my life is going to be from now on, with a little one at home. Of course, I only wish I could work the hours I worked on Tuesday, but it was a first taste nonetheless.

So how did it go?

Pixie was up at 5:15, as per her usual. We all got up, I fed her, the adults had coffee and we all played together. BD and I worked out while she was down for her first nap of the day. He was working from home and watching her while I was gone, so he wasn’t rushing anywhere which was nice. We ate breakfast, and then I fed Pixie again when she woke up. As soon as she finished I jumped into my work clothes and tried to have a long and drawn out goodbye, but BD was having none of that and pushed me out the door.

It was strange to be in work clothes. Good, but strange. It was strange to go to the office. Again good, but strange. Same with being there. Most things at work are the same, though there are some new faces and I realised there are people I work with who had never seen me not-pregnant. Anyhow the day was mostly about catching up on emails and what is going on at work, which is what I did. Every time I messaged BD to ask how it was going, I got an adorable picture of my baby. And I became That Mom. You know, the one who shows everyone pictures of their kid(s) even when no one has shown any inclination or interest. Ah well.

I started to get antsy and so headed home a little earlier than I had thought I would, but it was good timing because just as I walked out of the office, I got a message from BD asking me to please start making my way home! I had originally thought to run home, but a friend mentioned that she would be bringing me a few things so I didn’t bring my stuff, and then because of BD’s message I caught a bus instead of walking which had been my backup plan. I rushed in the door and fed my little love bug, who had been refusing the bottle. All in all the day was good, but also hard. I should have done one of these days ages ago, I have so much more appreciation for my maternity leave now!!

I can see how much harder it will be to fit in activity and exercise once I go back to work, and I am going to have to make a real effort. I am planning on running home every day, and I’m hoping that the fact that running is the fastest way home will be enough motivation. I have also started looking for quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that I’ll be able to use to round out my exercise. I’m not sure what the timing on evenings where I have worked a full day will look like, but I would like to squeeze in something if I can. My goal is to remain a fit and active mom, even when I am working!


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